Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective

Get the basics right the rest will follow

Join me on our journey to merge historical food, modern training and nutrition into a sustainable solution to the demands of modern life and sport.

Online training/remote support


Having a trainer meet you once a week for a hour probably isn't what you need. Having them at the end of a modern app "live" to assist food choices training regimes and as that conscience, training buddy you shout for when you struggle will produce far better results. We use all the social media apps to be virtually with you 24/7



Evolving from "roughing it" camps in Spain to what is now a refined product in France centred on the Troncais Forest. We learnt that a holiday should be a mix of luxary and the training you want. From running, strength and nutrition coaching all is available here. This year the only costs you bear are the accommodation and transport we do not charge for our services. Its a tester year and feedback and suggestions is our pay.





Skills availible

On site in france or mobile in the UK my focus is movement and endurance training. Using skills gained from 22 years of military service, endurance racing and CPD I can provide......

Running coaching via video analysis.


Strength training:

  • Kettlebells
  • Freeweights
  • Bodyweight
  • Powerbags
  • Resistance Bands





Nutrition coaching including:

  • Deficiency analysis.
  • Performance support.
  • Expedition planning.
  • Obsesty and Diabetes adaption



You Tube


The accessable media

A small selection of videos covering subjects from gear reviews, through training techniques to technical matters.




Historical Food Research


We explore how people survived before mass produced foods and preservatives. How did historical and ancient peoples accomplish huge journeys with no gels, freeze dried foods or cold chain logistics. Taking that forward to understand how that rediscovered knowledge can help us today.

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