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“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own".”

 La Breure

03350, Cerilly 

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Running or sports holidays have a basic issue.  That being if the whole family is not running orientated then how do you balance the trip with the training?  In our set up in Allier we deliberately facilitate all the training but also work closely with local providers for spa breaks, canoe trips and horse riding all are possible depending on the time of year. 


There is the option to visit cathedral cities, national parks (where volvic water is bottled) and even a medieval castle being constructed exactly in the same way as it was in the 14C.  All either on the door step or within a few hours. 


The point is we can create exactly what you want for the whole group be that totally full of ultra runners to someone wanting to do some barefoot work and enjoy what France has to offer in tranquillity, wine and food for the rest.

June for instance this year was 35DegC during the day and a balmy 20 at night, fantastic recharge weather for the body and soul.

To start email or call and lets see what can be designed to make your trip a memorable one.  

The Power of Friendship

I have a good skill set for sure especially working on running form, nutrition and finding great places to train but I know there are areas I dont have but I know somone who does be that yoga instructor or a horse rider! 

Close association with local accommodation providers means we get great deals and also a bit of separation from the training provider and your holiday.  When you want us we are there when you want to chill time is yours.

France has one of the healthiest ITRA approved race scenes I have ever seen.  Many 2-4 pt races are only a few hours away.  Why not mix a break with a UTMB qualifying run and then have a spa day to recover?  Here is a link to the ITRA Calendar. 

Want to bring your best running buddy with you it's all possible with a bit of planning and I can advise on this also I can arrange the vet visit to bring them back to the UK (I'm keeping abreast of BREXIT changes as they come in).

There is so much to do out here this glorious lake is 17km from home and is open to just show up and use.  If you are into flat water kayaking its amazing training.

For the cyclists amongst you this highspeed video covers about 8 miles in the early evening and shows how wonderful the area is for cycling. The roads are almost totally yours!

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